GasBuddy: Find and Pay for Cheap Gas and Fuel

GasBuddy: Find and Pay for Cheap Gas and Fuel
Price: Free
Version: 6.2.69 21469
Developer: GasBuddy

GasBuddy is an outstanding application that provides a great number of features to users. If you have been spending a lot on fuel then, here is a solution that we have for you. GasBuddy application is an application that will help you find different fuel stations and at the same time help you to get the gas or fuel at a cheap price. This incredible application has helped more than 90 million people to save their hard-earned money.

Generally, when you go to any fuel station, you get no discount and have to pay full price. However, the scene is completely changed when you use the GasBuddy application. This application allows you to save more on gas by providing you more place and more ways to save on the same as compared to other applications.


Name:GasBuddy: Find and Pay for Cheap Gas and Fuel
Version:6.2.69 21469
Category:Travel & Local


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Pay and save at the pump

Here with this application, you can get a fuel card for free and then, for every gallon of gas, you will be saving a lot. Well, you can save up to around 25 cents for every gallon. This will be quite a lot and will help you spend less. For the payment, you can connect the bank account so that the payment can be complete with a simple swipe.

Track the driving habits

Well, interestingly, the individuals will as well be able to track their driving habits while driving. This will further help them to save much more fuel than ever before. With more savings on fuel and less usage, the individuals will be an advantage. Every location gets automatically logged in your trips.

Enjoy coverage of a hundred per cent

what are the most dressing feature of the gas body video game is that it covers all the stations and brands. You can get your vehicle fuelled at every station and of every brand including Sunoco, CITGO, Conoco, Phillips 66, Racetrac, Wawa, Chevron, Speedway, Exxon, Shell, Marathon, Sheetz, bp, Circle k, Mobil, and many more.

Win gas

Much more interesting feature is that you can get gas by earning points with this amazing application. The application allows you to earn free gas based on your performance. Multiple challenges are provided and if you win you will be earning these points which will help you enter the prize draw to get the gas card. This gas card will further help you to earn win gas.


To finally conclude, the application also has a mapping feature which means that the users will be able to sort out the different locations based on cost, price and others. They will be able to find fuel stations, restaurants, convenience stores, restrooms, and others. All you need to do is to type in what you are looking for and the work gets done.


GasBuddy is an exceptional application that provides an amazing experience to the users. It helps the users to save money on fuel and additionally help them to track their driving habits. So, get this application if you wish to save your money on fuel.

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