Boom Beach

Boom Beach

Version: 43.87

Updated: November 4, 2020

Size: 232.5MB


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Let’s have some adventure in Boom Beach. This game is full of action and limitless adventures in a very mysterious world. Supercell has developed Boom Beach and this game was released on 26th March 2014.

Everything looks like a paradise in this game until you start playing it. The world of Boom Beach is full of enemies and you need to fight every second to survive in this virtual platform.

It is a multiple player game and we can access the game on IOS and Android. This game is available for free and based on real-time strategy. Players need to plan and move accordingly to defeat the other enemies. Every island has rich resources and many secrets; loot them and take as much as you can to build up your empire. Use the maps to attack the enemy base.

Scout and boom the beaches – the game offer many rewards. But you are free to purchase different items with real money. This game has 3D visual effects and amazing audio effects.

Editor’s review and how to play

Boom Beach has only one Moto – loot the base of different islands. Millions of players around the globe can participate in this battleground and attack each other. Players can also consult with the other players and make their team survive.

You have to control your base from the other enemies and upgrade little by little. Boom Beach can be played from a 3rd person’s perspective. It is based on a huge tropical archipelago, so discover and explore all around. Collect the Life Crystals to gain the ultimate power.

There are many Blackguard Bosses, who are extremely dangerous and tough to defeat. Make a strong troop or collect more deadly weapons to face them and uncover their evil plans.

You can play the Co-op missions and participate in the unstoppable task force with the other players. With a simple network connection, you can stay tuned to the whole network of Boom Beach.

Come with the best strategy to survive in this harsh world or else you will lose everything. There are secrets in every step, so unleash them. You can see the other players with the help of a map, there are also many computer-generated troops of enemies. Start with a minimum amount of energy and keep upgrading it. Players just have to deploy their troops on the island and they will automatically attack the targets.

The main objective is to destroy the enemies’ headquarters and grab the whole base. Your victory can grant you money and upgrades. There are 4 main resources gold, wood, stone, iron – you have to unlock them by progressing to the advanced level. Diamond is the utmost in-game currency of Boom Beach. Once you reach level 15, the Weapon Lab will be opened and you can build up the arsenals with all the resources. There are so many things to manage in this single game, so start the voyage now.