Ben 10: Up To Speed


Version: 2.0

Updated: May 20, 2020

Size: 189.6MB


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Ben 10: Up to Speed gives the player a first-person perspective while going through various dazzling levels. It enables players to run through multiple levels while collecting valuable power-ups along the way. Ben can change into different superheroes, each with their own particular set of superpowers. As he progresses starting with one level then onto the next, he will be able to speed up and strength. Alternate routes of action can be picked, impediments should be survived and Ben will be compelled to confront formidable enemy forces along the way.

One amazing element of Ben 10: Up to Speed is that its graphic illustrations are smoothed out and liquid. All movements can be controlled with the swipe of a finger and there are innumerable various environments to encounter. These highlights will keep the player engaged for really hours at a time. This game is updated consistently, so expect even more challenges shortly! New aliens with their unique powers will be added for indeed further ways to play.

You will also get new levels & environments and new master battles to test.

Editor’s review and how to play

Ben10: Up to Speed is a fast and exciting first-person gameplay with numerous power-ups and skills sets to acquire. It is an action-packed racing game that empowers players to go through different levels while gathering superpowers. Kids would enjoy playing this game due to the soundtrack and the animated graphics.

Ben was on a road trip with grandpa Max and Cousin Gwen when he discovered the alien watch known as Omnitrix. Now, he can use it to turn into alien superheroes, each with amazing different capacities.
Use their powers to blast the bad guys, smash through obstacles, and indeed access alternate paths. Level up your aliens and the Omnitrix itself to come briskly, stronger, and more heroic. Change into the right alien in each situation to make the utmost of your powers.