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Almost every person around the globe is a massive fan of a certain sport, sporting figure, or celebrity. So every time there is a chance that we can meet or witness them live, collective excitement is at an all-time high.

So, we can unanimously agree that whenever we cannot access tickets, it feels like a huge downer. Other times, we might be able to access tickets. Still, we may be unable to attend the event due to other commitments or sudden changes in plans, resulting in the loss of a non-refundable original ticket and is a huge waste of money.

And it is equally as common that many of us fall prey to scams and unknowingly end up paying for counterfeit tickets. This results in missing the event and serves as a lot of humiliation while trying to gain access to an event one has paid for in full.

AXS (pronounced as access) was first founded in 2011. It is an app that provides users access to original tickets for international and States-based sporting and entertainment events.

As a platform for digital marketing, AXS is a completely online setup. Users can search and buy tickets to just about any event and pay online. Once at the venue, no soft copies of purchased tickets are needed. Instead, they can present their digital tickets and be through.

With AXS, you can:

  • Buy the exact tickets of your choice, whether front row or VIP. Then, select from the given maps.
  • Resell your tickets if you have any sudden changes in your plans.
  • Scan digital tickets on your phone and get through. No soft copies are needed.
  • Transfer tickets to your friends to avoid creating long queues at the entrance while waiting for the entire group to arrive.
  • Remain updated about any upcoming events you might be interested in and be the first to grab tickets.

The app makes it infinitely easy for people who want to save themselves the hassle of waiting in long queues at ticketing counters and keep ticket copies safe.


  • Convenient
  • No waiting time for ticket buying
  • No printing required
  • Easy transfers to friends and family
  • Online payment
  • Access to premium and VIP tickets


  • Phone or app might freeze untimely, causing issues with entrance
  • Users report that the app seems to lag
  • Sizeable service fee

If you are trying to find an app that grants you access to all major sporting and entertainment events, this app is what you are looking for. It saves a considerable amount of time and saves you from the hassle of waiting in long queues, or worse, being turned away at the gate of an event you looked forward to but got sold out before getting there.

It also absolves you of any worries about finding seats of your choice. The app itself is free to download and use. Stay updated regarding upcoming events you might be interested in and bag premium tickets from the comfort of your home.

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