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  • Take a look at some pictures and read some reviews left by members of our community who are outdoor enthusiasts like you.
  • Identify a mountain climb, a mountain bike ride, or a trail run that is ideally suited to your current level of fitness and expertise. Trails that are accessible for wheelchair users, children, and dogs can all be filtered.
  • To avoid getting lost, you should convert your phone into a GPS activity tracker and continue to follow the same path.
  • Get a quick look at your hiking, running, and cycling statistics all in one place
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A number of years ago, I went on an ambitious day trek by myself in the Colorado Rockies that was thirteen miles long. The day was gorgeous and sunny. Even though I was familiar with the surrounding area, I had never traveled along this particular path before. Due to the fact that I had made the stupid decision not to bring a compass or my SpotX with me, I had AllTrails pulled up and running in the background of my phone so that I could refer to the GPS on the map. I had successfully crossed the mountain pass and was making my way down the other side into treeline when I came to the realization that the path had been washed away. I didn’t give it much thought and just started walking by the creek, thinking to myself, “oh, it’s probably just down here.” It took me approximately a half mile of walking before I recognized that I was at the wrong location. I had no mobile service and was absolutely lost; I had no idea which road led back up to where I had started, and I couldn’t even get a signal on my phone. After a brief period of fear, I recalled that I had AllTrails running on my phone, so I took out my phone, and as I made my way into the woods, I slowly but definitely followed the little blue dot that was displayed on the screen. It appeared to be close on the map, but I was unable to locate it with my eyes. After what seemed like just ten or fifteen minutes, I looked up and saw people walking above me. I had stumbled across the path! I climbed a nearby shrub, took a few deep breaths, and then continued on my journey.

I was able to correct my course and return to the location where I should have been thanks to AllTrails. Despite the fact that it is not entirely reliable all of the time, it is still a really helpful resource.