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Version: 4.5.3

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Size: 215.3 MB

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Zombie Tsunami game is offered by Mobigame S. Zombie Tsunami game formerly called “Zombie Carnival” is a side-scrolling endless running game. It was developed by French studio Mobigame and released for Android and IOS.

Zombie Tsunami is an Arcade-type game where you must lead a horde of zombies in an inhabited city and watch them rebel against humanity. Allow them to turn people into adorable green zombies who just want a place for themselves and control how they dodge and jump on a busy road full of potential teammates.

The zombies started attacking the city. People are screaming and walking away, but the apocalypse is happening, and nothing can stop it. You can turn pedestrians into zombies and create a large horde of zombies, so what are you waiting for. It has superior controls, and you can control a horde of zombies with just one click. There are ten crazy bonuses, ninjas, dragons, UFOs, and many other exciting things in the game. Keep playing, you can improve your levels and earn points. Raise zombie birds and use their superpowers. There are 11 sets to travel and explore the game. Over 300 missions to devour.

Editor’s review and how to play

Zombie Tsunami is an endless runner that manages to bring something new to the game. Instead of controlling just one person, you’ll lead a wave of zombies that grows or shrinks depending on the number of people you bite.

As you run, you will encounter lonely people creating easy targets and obstacles such as different vehicles (cars, buses, etc.) which require a certain number of zombies in your tsunami if you want to proceed. If you have less, you will have to dodge it, or you will lose the few zombies you might have. In addition to obstacles, a typical Zombie Tsunami game also includes several bonuses to turn your zombies into ninjas, soccer players, or even dragons. Zombie Tsunami is a fun and unique endless running game that includes more than three hundred different missions which lead to some variety in its gameplay, and the graphics of the game are much more engaging and well-made than they appear at first glance.

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