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Updated: Jun 24, 2021

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Since the invention of the footballing videogame in 1723 (give or take a few years) sprinting has been a worldwide obsession. PES devotees aren’t quite as obsessed with spamming that button as their FIFA counterparts, but it’s still a common problem. And it shouldn’t be. In PES 2021 too much sprinting causes your players to grow tired and likely requires you to tap into your subs bench earlier than necessary. Using sprint on the wing is effective, as there is less traffic on the outskirts of the action, but it’s easy to be tackled when haring through a packed central midfield. When defending, instead of running towards a player who has the ball, always switch to the player closest to the ball to conserve energy and maximize positional attributes.

Dribbling with players with great ball control feels easier, so this time, you can manage to get past tight spaces in the opponent’s defense. Players like Messi, Maradona are very good on the ball, so they will be good in those areas. Defense-wise, players seem more aggressive this time, where players attempt aggressive tackles and cover a lot of ground. But it feels like if you play a high defensive line, these defenders might get exposed, whatever the playstyle might be. Zico, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo seems different beasts this time, they drop back to create chances but also make some interesting runs in central areas. Creative Playmaker does drop a lot deeper, and runs are really few.

Editor’s review and how to play

Konami has focused more on build-up play, making thought and skill essential – rather than just charging up and down, arcade-style.

One of the best tools when taking on other players is using the right stick to dribble with finesse and break away from a defender.

The most useful pass you can make around the box is a through ball. Timed right it should split the defense and place it directly in the path of an attacker.
Through balls are also a great way to get the ball to your wingers so they can deliver a cutting cross into the box.

Complete each challenge in this event to earn GP as a first-time reward!

Each challenge can be completed by earning a set number of goals, regardless of whether you win or lose. Remember to play till the whistle blows and make sure to score the decisive goal that will bring you glory and rewards! Event bonuses and event conditions are based on the most recent player data in the game. Only matches that finished during the event period are counted towards the rewards you can obtain. The event schedule and details are subject to change without prior notice.

New matches cannot be started within 15 minutes of when maintenance is scheduled to begin.

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